About JBN Global Laos

“Your Best Business Partner in Your Business”

 JBN Global  provides service for international business networking of E-Commerce, Business, Trade, Investment, and Real Estate. We committed to help our clients to meet the challenge of succeeding in the business environment of Laos , ASEAN counties and Global. Our intention is to enhance the value of client’s business and assist with their needs and requirements by combining our international capabilities of Laos, ASEAN counties and Global markets  by networking, utilizing, extensive connections in many sectors of the local and international communities.

  JBN Global  pride ourselves as one of the service providers for international business networking for all   E-Commerce, Business, Trade, Investment, Real Estate, and other services. We are committed to helping our clients meet the challenges of succeeding in the business environment of Laos, and ASEAN countries in our global connection. Our intention is to enhance the value of the client’s business and assist with their needs and requirements by combining our international capabilities of Laos, ASEAN countries and Global markets through networking and utilizing extensive connections in many sectors of local and international communities.

   We have commenced an operation in Laos, December 2013 providing excellent service for the best customer satisfaction. We believe in keeping our customers happy in providing them with the best service at a very competent price, guiding them with the best ideas and keeping in constant touch with our clients.






      JBN Global  is strongly dedicated in using its unique skills

and talents to always better serve our clients and to continually provide

the best opportunities for growth.We take great pride in what we do and

will continuously do so with honor and respect.

       With strong experience working in the business field for 15 years,

Jacky Ong has led the operation for JBN Global to great success by fulfilling

our corporate mission of contributing to society with world-leading consulting

along with our business strategy. 



Jacky Ong

President - CEO

Email: jacky.ong@jbnglobal.com




Khammanh Sayaseng

Vise President JBN of GLobal

Email: swizasia9999@yahoo.com




 Sathiny Lounlasa

General Manager JBN of GLobal

Email: marrisha.l@jbnglobal.com













       JBN Global  consists of a team of innovative and collaborative experts who work towards achieving the greatest results in business work. With long work experience, we have developed approaches to helping organizations benefit from our help and our results.

       Our global network stretches from Laos into different ASEAN countries, making us one of the best consultancies that offer the greatest solution for you when working together with our clients. Together, we work for the best outcomes for our customers rather than stand alone.

       JBN Global  does not believe in standard industry answers. Given that we understand the different needs and wants of everybody, we tailor our solutions to yield the greatest competitive advantage and value for our clients.

       We take heed of our client’s position in the marketplace and provide each solution to their needs with regards to their aim and strategy.

       As we collaborate with our clients, we develop new insights into how each business organization works, which is where we can utilize our business connections and associations to fit the needs our partner organizations to satisfy the needs of various customers.

We solve problems for our clients by using

  1. Data and Research.
  2. Experts within each field of application.
  3. Teams, groups, and coalitions to maximize the potential of our results within the work space.

Our Aims

  • Building a unique solution for our clients
  • Providing long-lasting solutions
  • Creating cooperative partnerships
  • Expanding capabilities and setting up organizations
  • Achieving our goals through precision and real dedication
  • Satisfying the needs of our customers
  • Creating wealth through the growth of profits
  • Providing unique service for our clients
  • Ensuring a better environment for our community

11 September 2020

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