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-What are the disadvantages?

In convetional waste disposal(according to German standards), the normal (according to industrial standards) compostable bags bring about about similar problems as the disposal of plastic bags. For this reason, industrial-compostable bags do not offer any ecological advantage, but are also a disruptive factor, without sustainable benefits for humans and nature.

-Due to the problems in the disposal and processing of bioplastics,which are only compostable according to EN 13432 EU (industry standards),from an environmental point of view, their use is strongly discouraged.

-The environmental damage caused by the use of such bags is comparable to those resulting from the use of conventional plastic or plastic as a material.

If industrial-compostable bags accidentally end up in nature, especially in river,lakes or the sea, it takes many decades for the material to completely decompose. Until then, it causes the same negative effects as plastic. Normal bioplastic bags therefore have no advantage in principle over conventional plastic bags


10 April 2019

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